Monday, March 3, 2008

Book's characters

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  • Zbyszko of Bogdaniec - a young nobleman about to become a knight [pronounce "zbih-shcko”]. Version of old Polish name "Zbygniew" and translates to "the one who will have excess ("zbyt-") of anger ("gniew")" - towards his enemies, that means who will be stronger than his anemies due to his anger or "the one who will get rid of [his enemies] ("zbyc/pozbyc sie", "to get rid of") due to his anger".
  • Maćko of Bogdaniec - Zbyszko's uncle, old and experienced knight. Polish version on Christian name: Mathew.
  • Jurand of Spychów - anti-Teutonic rebel and Danusia's father
  • Danusia - Zbyszko is in love with her, she is Jurand's daughter and Duchess' of Mazovia servant. Child's version of the name "Danuta". Lithuanian equivalent: "Danute".
  • Jagienka of Zgorzelice - a young girl that falls in love with Zbyszko

  • Duchess Anna - the Duchess of Masovia
  • Janusz I - the Duke of Masovia and Duke of Warsaw - a historical figure
  • King Władysław Jagiełło - a historical figure, King of Poland between 1381 and 1434

  • Fulko de Lorche -a rich knight from Lotharingia who becomes close friends with Zbyszko
  • Siegfried de Löwe - the komtur of Szczytno who is behind the evil plan of kidnapping Danusia
  • Kuno von Liechtenstein - the Order's delegate to the King of Poland, who is attacked by Zbyszko
  • Mikolaj of Dlugolas (Nicholas of Long Woods) called Martel - frequently mentioned nobleman.

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